Why Choose Daikin?

Here are a few good reasons to choose Daikin

Living in Queensland its so hot and humid so you are going to need air conditioning all year round. So what make, model and type to choose? Of cause you need to feel comfortable in your own home, but at around 27c per Kw/H choosing the wrong air conditioner and size can leaded to massive power consumption and bills.

So why Daikin?

Daikin is recognised as an expert in air conditioning and is one of Australia’s most trusted names in air conditioning.

Cool and Clean

Daikin can keep your room clean, purifying the air from potentially harmful fumes such as car exhausts and pollutants when living close to main roads. Daikin air con unit also cleans the air that passes through each unit, thus only clean, cool air is circulated around your rooms.

After Sales Support

Daikin has a superb after sales support structure. After all the company sells in over 160 countries, you do not get that big without looking after your customer. Even after 10 years parts are still widely available.

Product Brochures

Download: Ducted Air Conditioning Brochure
Download: Split System Air Conditioning Brochure
Download: SKYFi - Ducted Controller Brochure
Download: Super Multi NX Brochure
Download: Altherma Underfloor Heating Brochure
Download: Air Purifier Flyer