Domestic air conditioning solutions right across Brisbane

Here at Parsons Services, we want to avoid sticky couch situations. We want to avoid sleepless nights due to excessive heat. These situations can all be avoided by calling Parsons Services. For professional domestic air conditioning and electrical services in Brisbane, Parsons Services is your first choice. Speak to our expert technician and you will not have to suffer through any more hot days in your home. Call Parsons Services today for Brisbane's best domestic air conditioning services.

We show up on time

Here at Parsons Services, we make sure that we always show up when we say we will. Our work flow allows us to ensure that each appointment is made on time. If something out of our control happens that means we are running late, you can be sure that we'll phone immediately.

We charge the price we quote

Whether we are quoting you on an air conditioner repair job or installation, you can be sure that the price we quote is the price we charge. We take everything into account when making a quote, ensuring that there are no surprises down the line. In the case of a dispute, we will take the fall for the error and charge the original price.

We won't leave a mess behind

Here at Parsons Services, when we work on your home in Brisbane, we will make sure that it is left as it looked when we arrived. The only difference being a working air conditioner! We respect all of our clients and make sure that we take our rubbish with us. Just one of the reasons to choose Parsons Services for all of your domestic air conditioning services!





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